[Culture] TWiT on Serenity

Here’s part of the transcript from last weeks TwiT (episode 25). I think it sums things up nicely. This portion is around the 9 minute mark and worth listening to in it’s entirety. Check out This Week in Tech.
Ok, how many of you have seen Serenity?

Am I the only one who’s seen it?

Pat is the only Twit who’s seen it.

What’d ya think?

I thought it was awesome.
In fact, I think George Lucas should go out and just fall on his sword.

He should just like, walk out it front of his house and go “Wow. 8 dollars and a recycled television program and they just smacked me how many millions of dollars.
I just want him to take his can of gasoline, sit in the middle of the Presiddio in front of all that beautiful lush land he wasted to move ILM closer to where people want to live. He should light his ass on fire and apologize.
So do you all agree that Serenity was the greatest movie ever? Better than Star Wars?

[Listening to: TWiT Episode 25 – Leo Laporte and the TWiTs – TWiT October 2005]
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  1. Many things are better than Star Wars (the new ones, anyway). Including lighting one’s ass on fire.

    Haven’t seen Serenity yet. Still catching up on the episodes. But those are…wow. Yeah.

  2. In fact, I think George Lucas should go out and just fall on his sword

    Yeah!!! Great idea 🙂

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