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The last time I had a book in my hands was when Jean and Alia were in the hospital. I needed something to pass the time, so I was reading  The War of Souls Trilogy part of the DragonLance Series. I got to the middle of the second book, but haven’t gone back to finish it.

I hate to have to make time to read, but I always find that when I eventually do sit down with a book, I realize how much I’d missed it.

What should I read next? is what it says…you enter the title and author of a book you like and the site will suggest something for you to read next.

That’s a pretty cool concept. We typically get our book recommendations from our friends, but why not use the resource of others? Granted, this is based on the premise that you’re interested in reading the same kinds of novels again, rather than a springboard of other books read by people who enjoyed this one.

That’s why I like the recommendation system on Netflix. They base recommendations on other movies watched by people who enjoyed this same movie as you. So it finds a common element and lets you build from there. Speaking of Netflix, if any of you have an account, send me a friend invite, or let me know that you have one. That why we can make more personlized recommendations… springing from the word “recommendation”, I highly recommend Netflix. If you need more information on that subject, contact me personally.

Ok, back on track.. books.. You can actually use Amazon in a similar way. When you search for a book/movie/etc. it shows you what other people who bought that item also bought. So you can find yourself some interesting products you might not have already thought of.

It’s funny to login to Amazon now and see my starting page with all the recommendations based on the past things I’ve bought from them, and the things thaty think I want to buy.

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