Vagina, Vagina, Vagina

Vagina Monologues deemed too racy for most students at Edmonton school

Drama students at Harry Ainlay High School were prevented from presenting the play to fellow students on Tuesday, after somebody complained about the production.

Is it my liberal stance on the world which causes me to get aggravated with this kinds of crap, or has society just gone so far beyond normal acceptance and become oversensitive? Is it just a few that keep raising to new heights problems that don’t really exist?


“It’s really important that females feel comfortable in their own skin and are able to talk about vaginas — and it’s not a scary word that people dance around all the time,” said Keri Ekberg, who runs a teen theatre festival at Citadel Theatre in Edmonton.

A recurring theme throughout the play is the vagina as a tool of female empowerment. It’s important teens be able to openly talk about what’s affecting their lives, Ekberg said. 

I also applaud Eve Ensler, the playwright who wrote The Vagina Monologues, for coming to their defense.


That brought the playwright herself to a school board meeting to speak in defense of her play. Free speech advocates across the U.S. also sprang to the defense of the teens.


Come on Free Speech! You gotta win these kinds of fights!

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  1. I’m amused that Free Speech advocates from the U.S. are fighting this fight. After all, Edmonton is a cute little Canadian city. (They are so cool they have a tank in their mall. As far as I know, that’s their major attraction.) (Shouldn’t Free Speech advocates be worried about our problems here in the U.S.?)

    I’m also amused because there’s a public access show (seen in most of the western provinces before 9 pm) that talks about sex and sexuality so explicitly it makes me vaguely uncomfortable. (Okay, maybe it’s the grandmotherly woman hosting the show that makes me uncomfortable… she’s kind of creepy.)

  2. really people stop being a big bunch of pussies (no pun intended) and stop being so ”omg they backside how rude” and start accepting it

    p.s. my fifth grade health class was like 3.5 times more explicit

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