Mullion to one odds

Time to start cleaning out my news bin of stuff that interests me and I want to blog about later.


First off, one of the newer ones. I’ve only had this since the end of November. I first read about it over at Lifehacker, and it’s a Visual Dictionary.


The site is sort of like a reverse 20 questions (because you don’t know the answer), starting at one of 15 visual themes and narrowing down your search image by image to find the name of exactly what you’re looking for.


That’s exactly the problem with a standard dictionary. It’s great if you know the word you are looking for, but when you get that “You know, that thing on the end of the bar that looks like a frog” kinda questions, trying to find it in a regular dictionary is a quest of futility.


I know Steve will like this, just for the fact of learning the names of whatsits that he can wiggle into conversations…


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