Wheezing DVR

It’s that time of the year when all the new seasons are beginning. We’ve just about gotten caught up on last season, and gotten the DVR under 30%, when the new rash of shows starts. With most, it’s fairly easy. Since the title of the show isn’t changing, we didn’t have to do anything new when Heroes or Bones premiered this week. Survivor is always the exception, because each season is a new title, such as ‘Survivor: China”. In that case, we have to remember to setup a new recording.


We do a lot of series priority juggling, but for the most part we don’t have many conflicts (though some nights we have two shows recording at the same time).


Now how am I going to fit new shows into the schedule? Gah! I certainly want to check them out. I’m not sure I’m actually going to watch Kid Nation all season, but who knows what mindless drivel can entertain me during dinner. I’ve heard good things about Reaper and think maybe I’ll add that. I put on Chuck, but haven’t watched the first episode yet. From some of the reviews, maybe I’m better just deleting the recording now without bothering to watch it.


Since we watch a majority of our prime time shows on DVR, its very easy to miss the buzz about new shows, as we’re likely to be skipping the commercials anyway. I try to look at TV Guide/Entertainment Weekly New Shows This Season kinda guides, or just hear about items through the buzz on the interwebs. But sometimes, by that time, you’ve missed the first episode and wind up playing catchup.


Here’s a tool I learned about from LifeHacker, which gives you the prime time shows in a nice neat month view, highlighting season premieres in orange, with nice summary roll overs. It’s a helpful tool for trying to juggle that ‘too many shows’ calendar crunch and see if you have any room in yours! It looks like you can actually sign up and filter the calendar based on specific shows, but I haven’t actually gone that far.


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  1. I find that mininova.org is my friend for DLing shows I missed or shows I know I don’t want cluttering up my already overworked DVR.

    Torrents are your friend

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