Moments I want to remember: September

I was inspired by Megan’s post to take a few moments and mention some moments about my kids that I want to remember for this month. Both my wife and I blog now, and while we both have the desire to keep track of how things are going in our kids lives, our blog posts also include the chaos of the rest of our lives and the world in general. Sometimes it takes too much time to actually sit down and compose a full post. I don’t do many one or two  line entries  like other friends, but there’s a certain amount of freedom that gives you in just ‘capturing the moment’.


So for this month, here’s the things that I want to remember:


Connor is still struggling with his letters and words verbally, though his sign vocabulary continues to grow. One word that he does say is ‘Ah pull’ (Apple). Last week, Jean asked him if wanted a cookie, as she’d recently made a batch of fresh apple cookies. Connor looks at her and says “Ah pull” and then signs the word ‘cookie’. So he’s combined two methods of communication to get his point across.


Alia likes to give hugs and snuggle more than Connor. If you ask him, he’ll give you one, but not as unprompted as her. I was sitting on the couch Saturday watching the remaining episodes of Picket Fences (Season 1), while Jean was away doing exchequer training. Alia was playing at the table reading a book and I just happened to glance over at her. She saw me, smiled, put down her book, ran over and gave my leg a quick hug.


One for each of them. I’ll let Jean post one each as well and then we’ll have a whole honking 4 posted memories of our children who are growing up way to fast. Here’s the flipside, 20 years from now, I might not have remembered those particular moments, but this entry ‘will’, and I’ll look back and smile all over again.


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