It’s not just the Doctor’s Office

So my foray into the depths of awesome customer service continued yesterday when I went to pick up my medicine. I was prescribed what’s commonly known as a ‘Z pack’. It’s a 5 day antibiotic in a pre-measured pack with 6 (or more) tablets. If I say that it takes 1 minute to fill that kind of order, I’m overstating.


I drop it off at CVS and tell them I’m going to wait. After 20 minutes, the guy behind the counters mumbles someone’s name and I think it’s me. So I go up and give him my name and says he called someone else. I ask him to check on my order and he takes my info, pulls a few bags and says ‘They must be still working on it’.


Another 25 minutes pass. I go back up and ask again. Now I’m getting really steamed. I see him look around at the packages and then nonchalantly moves my order from a black bin to a yellow bin. He comes back to me and says ‘They’re still working on it, they have to verify the order. It’s going to be another 5 or 10 minutes’. They used that same ‘verify’ excuse to the last 4 people who asked about their orders as well. When I was sitting in the lobby hearing them say it to other people, I believed it to be true. Now, though, I had a different thought.


Me: Did I just see you move it from the black bin to the yellow bin? Does that mean it wasn’t put in as a ‘customer waiting’  order


Idiot: Um (sheepishly), yeah. it was put through as a standard order.


Me: That’s ridiculous. How come you didn’t notice that 25 minutes ago the first time that I checked. It’s only a Z-pack! It doesn’t take that long to fill (notices Pharmacist looking up).


Idiot: We’ll call you when it’s ready.


They had the order filled for me in 4 minutes.


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  1. no, it’s everybody … next time, take the children with you … cranky crying babies make mechanics and pharmacists move much faster …

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