Would you like your windows washed, sir?

What happened to the days of good service? I thought it was just restaurants and gas stations that have lost good customer service, but today I found out that it hit my doctor’s office as well.sick


I get a chest infection several times a year – usually at the change of seasons. It’s happened to me for over 25 years and I’m well aware of the symptoms and how to fix it. My last doctor got to the point where I could call in, say I had a chest infection, and he would call in a prescription for me. It was understood that if I didn’t have any of the normal symptoms that I would need to see him.


Now, that’s not actually the problem. Even though my co-pay has recently gone up to $30/visit, I guess I can kinda understand why this one won’t call it in without seeing me. What’s got me a bit upset is that they won’t call in the script for me.


First they gave me some bullshit about it already being written and therefore they couldn’t call it in. To which my answer was, I could understand if I already left the office and you didn’t want another one floating around, but I have the physical prescription right here. You can tear it up and call it in. Instead, I get the ‘We don’t call them in anymore so we don’t get stuck waiting on the phone’. So who’s fault is that? The pharmacy for not answering the call in a timely manner (yeah customer service again.).


So instead, I have to wait until the end of the day to drop it off, and then wait around for them to fill it as well. At 6 o’clock at night, I’d much rather be at home eating tacos and playing with my kids than sitting in a CVS lobby waiting for my antibiotics.

I dunno, it just kinda really rubs me the wrong way.


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