It’s stupid day at the office

Compliments of Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Stupidity but Were Too Smart to Ask. That was a desk calendar I had a few years ago. I pulled off some selected days, and found them in my desk. I’m throwing them out this morning, but wanted to share them first.

Can dumb people still enjoy life?
You have to be dumb to enjoy life. If you get too smart, you see the flaws in the plan.

Exactly how stupid are we?
We’ll never know because we’re exactly too stupid to figure it out. Unfortunately, we’re just intelligent enough never to stop wondering about it.

If I’m stupid, should I feel bad about it?
    Absolutely not!
    Being stupid shares many characteristics with being in love, primarily that you never have to say you’re sorry. Also five years later, you will wonder how you ever could have been that dumb.
    The friar never apologized for coming up with the brilliant idea of having Juliet pretend to be dead so Romeo would then kill himself and she would wake up and kill herself too — and neither should you.


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