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Well I spent alot of time over the past two weeks redoing my blog design. It’s really a cleanup of the previous style, but I added a few snazzier graphics and altered the CSS code to be cleaner (and designed for a 1024x minimum screeen giving me more room to write). I also updated my plugins for some new functionality. Most notable is the random photo on the left of the blog that will use the Highslide JS to show you a preview, but also allows you to directly link to the picture album. That was actually the start of the inspiration for the rest of the updates. I also finally got around to fixing the issue with the navigation on single post reading to include the previous/next links, and proper headers on the archive pages. Figured alot of folks came here from my LJ crosspost, so they were seeing it in single post view anyway.

Since I had to tear into all the background PHP and CSS to make sure it worked properly, I did the rest of the cleanup at the same time. I figured, this blog is supposed to be about my life and family, so I really need to make them more prominent. Plus, it puts a smile on my face everytime I see a new picture, and that’s the more important thing. 🙂

There are a few other plugins I’m still toying around with, but I’ll test them at home first and then roll them out later. This is the biggest update so far, and nothing appears broken.. please holler if something is.. (assuming you can even read this post in the first place!)

Lastly, I’m going to stop putting the parent category in the post titles. I’m going to let the categories work for themselves, in anticipation of a new tagging/category system in the future. Plus, one of the plugins that I added was a Search Engine Optimizer, that uses the title of the posts for the meta tags, and it was redundant.

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