[Personal] He’s got TEEF!

Two weeks ago, Connor’s first tooth started breaking through.BrushTeeth-SimoSK8-conceptart.org. Since that time (and leading up to it) he’s been grumpier than usual. Well, this Saturday his second tooth came in. Both came in on the bottom, so he’s not good for opening bottles, unless you turn him upside down.

He’s still being grumpy, but hopefully it will start to subside now. Last night he was up at 3:30a for quite some time. I finally fell back asleep at 4:30a. Jean was still rocking him to sleep, but since he stopped crying, I was able to doze back off. Unfortunately, when my alarm went off at 6a, the music soother in the crib was still playing. Now, it has various settings, but the longest it plays for is 30mins. That means Jean was still up as late as 5:30a, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to turn it on.

There’s always the chance that Connor or Alia kicked it on, but I’m more likely to believe that I’ll be coming home to both a grumpy son and grumpy wife tonight.

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