[Personal] I want credit for drive-by

One of my hobbies is geocaching. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the world we live in. My friends Steve and Lynda are also geocaching fans. Steve and I were originally introduced to geocaching by another friend of ours. We started going out ourselves even before we owned a GPS unit. In turn, we turned our families onto the activity. Stories about our geocaching exploits are for future blogs. I might wind up making a category.

When you find a cache, you get the opportunity to record your find and keep track of those you’ve found and those you haven’t. This is a nice benchmark to compare yourself to your friends and other geocachers.

I want to cheat however, and track these guys and get credit for finding them. I might try asking them to carry a geocache around in their pocket.. they could leave some drugs in there for folks to swap out their Happy Meal toy with in exchange.. Should be a fair trade, IMO.

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