[Geek] Hi Didalee Ho, Neighborino…

From CNet News:

Viewers who take pleasure in the antics of Bart and Homer Simpson will be treated to an exclusive online look at the season-premiere episode of “The Simpsons” beginning Friday, two days before its network debut on Fox Broadcasting. The first seven minutes will be streamed on a bevy of sites owned by the network’s News Corp. parent, including MySpace.com, Fox.com and igntv.com. [snip]

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[Family] We’re leaving on a jet plane..

So we’re all heading out to Las Vegas tonight.. I’ll be back Monday night.

My mom is getting remarried.

My folks got divorced when I was in college, and when my mom told me she was getting remarried, I told her the same thing I told her back then – ‘Whatever makes you happy’. That’s not to say I wasn’t surprised. She’s only been dating her fiance about a year and a half, but she really feels right with him. My mom has enough experience with the world (rather than calling her old), and has already made enough mistakes, that I really have to believe that she knows what she is doing.

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