[Personal] I wan’a Ice cream.. I wannnnnaaaa ICE CREAM

This past weekend, we finally got our new fence installed. Originally I was going to install it myself with the help of some friends. The more and more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was money well-spent to have the professionals do it themselves. I had a 95% rate when it came to remembering who to call to remind them that they didn’t need to show up. I kinda forgot that our friend Mike (Andre) had offered to come over too.

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[Personal] So they’re out again

From The Dilbert Blog (Hooked)

How many things have to malfunction around you before you stop calling it a coincidence and give it a name? For example, if everywhere you walked, the lights went out and vehicles came to a halt, you wouldn’t require a rigorous scientific study to rule out coincidence. My experience is near that end of the spectrum. Indeed, I have a long and humorous track record of making street lights go out when I’m near, only to come back to life as I walk away. For example, if I park under a street light, it often goes dark and stays that way until I pull out to drive away hours later. It happens so often that even other people have noticed.

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