[Personal] Rest In Peace Tim Hildebrandt

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Tim Hildebrandt died Sunday of complications due to diabetes at the age of 67. The Bros’ official site is here, if you wish to look over their art. I’ve found some of my favorite pieces they’ve done and will post them below. Tim’s eye for colors and design will be missed.

I personally own two limited edition signed Hildebrandt pieces. My father purchased them for me as a graduation present from college. We had gone to a Hildebrandt expo down in Cape May, previously aware of their work, and got a chance to see alot of magnificant pieces. I’ve got the lithographs as well as pre-sketches that were done.

Most of you probably know him and his twin brother Greg as the artists on the original Star Wars poster, classic JRR Tolkien calendars, Marvel Comics, or the Sword of Shannara. Here’s a wonderful biography on them.

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  1. omg, I saw them as speakers when we went to Philcon. They were nice guys, and we got a LoTR poster signed. I’m sad to hear that Tim is gone.

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