[Gaming] Ooh… it’s shiny

Yoiked from Evil Avatar:

I’d just like to remind everyone that Mountain Dew’s Xbox 360 giveaway has officially begun. 360’s will be given away every 10 minutes from now until launch. Considering how many 360’s are being given out, everyone has a good chance of winning. You can sign up for the contest here.

When the XboX came out, I ate at Taco Bell everyday to sign up for their contest.. and I drank ALOT of Mountain Dew during that time. you know what? I won a free Xbox from a random drawing. Now you’re telling me I get a chance to win one by drinking Mountain Dew? **boggle** I’m all over that… blood pressure be damned.

By the way, the MD site is a bit of a rush.. maybe you shouldn’t read while whicle actually drinking Mountain Dew.

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[Personal] It’s coming along

Well I spent the weekend in 10 minute chunks trying to work on updating this blog. As of now, it’s mostly done with all the CSS styles. I still have some badges to add, but the coloring and images should all be done.

I’m also slowly starting to add in and debug some additional plugins. The first of which is supposed to allow me to cross-post an entry to my LiveJournal account. This will be a good thing, as alot of my friends participate in the LJ community. This way at least, they can see that I’ve made an update to my page and come visit it here.

The other plugins I’ve still got to complete are the "This day in", which is the little BBC/Wikipedia link you see on the post info. I want to get an icon up next to it, so it’s more obvious that it’s a link you can follow for this day.

I’ve got ‘Fancy Tooltips" running, which creates a nice tooltip when you hover over a link. unfortunately, its not working on all links, just some. Maybe it’s the structure of the links or the way the plugin is configured.. I’ll spend more time with that later.

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