[Personal] Dinner and Photoshoot (long w/ pics)

… Now I can look at my smiling kids all day long! Oh, and I didn’t even talk about the stupid dog. So we’re all in the kitchen working on the photos. We’ve got the photographers, the grandfather, the baby handlers, the audience.. the works… what don’t we have? Someone keeping an eye on the dog. … Continue reading [Personal] Dinner and Photoshoot (long w/ pics)

[Personal] Decent advice

Joi Ito has this to say about his personal style of blogging. Make sure that you understand this is written from the standpoint of “you” referring back to himself. He’s calling himself stupid and telling himself to take a point of view. Don’t misread this and think he’s calling the reader stupid. In any case, it’s well summarized and something worth considering as we write our own blogs. Continue reading [Personal] Decent advice