[Gaming] Howdy y’all

I’m a big fan of Puzzle Pirates. I was a beta tester and really enjoyed the game, even though I chose not to renew my subscription. They have a different payment model available now for some servers, where you get to play for free, but you need to purchase in-game currency to play certain “pay for” portions, or for items. I know that several of my friends have played Puzzle Pirates before, including Jeremy who’s currently playing. The developer, Three Rings Design, has been working on another game called Bang!Howdy.

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[Gaming] It can’t be a 4, so it’s gotta be a 7

… I learned about Su Doku earlier in the year. I must have caught an article on it somewhere. At that time, it was very popular in Europe but still hadn’t made major inroads into the US. I wound up buying Jean a book of puzzles (Su Doku for Dummies I think), and then solving some of them myself! … Continue reading [Gaming] It can’t be a 4, so it’s gotta be a 7