[Geek] $brillig and $toves{slithy};

Staring at the same background all day at work tends to get on your nerves. So I change it every few weeks to something new. I think my friend Steve changes his every other day. Right now though, I’m rotating between pictures of my kids. And to be honest, it’s not as boring as the old wallpapers, so I’m not changing them as often. I mean, they are my kids afterall.

Before they were born though, I had worked on a new desktop based on the poem Jabberwocky. I knew I wanted to base it off of Eric Andreycheck’s perl poem, but the text of the poem itself wasn’t enough. I went through several iterations, and finally settled on a version that incorporates the original poem with the perl version and uses some colored word markers. This was my wallpaper for a few months, and I was really satisfied with the result:


Now, it’s time to switch back to it for a few days. It’s not that I don’t want to look at Connor and Alia any more.. It’s just that I want to get back into a rotation, which includes some non-kid items. Did you know that this poem is actually executable? You would if you read the above link. 🙂 The final version of the image for the wallpaper is 1280x. If anyone is interested, let me know.

edit: I didn’t realize the version of the screenshot I uploaded was too big, so it’s getting cut off on the right hand side.. You’re missing part of the poem, a picture of Alice from American McGee’s Alice video game, and whatnot.. nothing too critical as you get the idea with what’s still there… but I wanted to point it out for those who wanted the full copy.

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  1. My work-machine backgrounds are a little on the subversive side (for the company I belong to), but cool enough to make me smile when I start up. Right now, I have an image up from modernhumorist.com, looking like an old propaganda poster: “When you pirate mp3’s, you’re downloading COMMUNISM” I bore easilly, though, and am looking for more.

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