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Happy Halloween everyone!
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Monsters matted into classic art photoshopping contest

Cory Doctorow: Today on Worth1000’s photoshopping contest: matte monsters into classic works of art. I have blogged a lot of Worth 1000 photoshopping contests here, but this is hands-down the best, ever. I screeched aloud about ten times with delight while paging through the entries. Michaelangelo’s David with a facehugger! American Gothic Hannibal Lector! Norman Rockwell, also with a facehugger! There were so many brilliant entries it was nearly impossible to pick one to accompany this post, but I settled on Hellraiser’s Pinhead as the Mona Lisa as the perfect combination of excellent technique and a great concept. This one is cool enough to print and frame. Link

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  1. Not sure why but this was all fubar’d on my LJ friends page. I’ll have to give the pics a look though.

  2. It’s because of the auto-poster from my blog to LJ. Instead of getting the proper excerpt, it created one itself, and then it cut it off in the middle of the HTML coding, consequently screwing up the display.

    I need to manually check the LJ side after creating my posts to avoid that kinda thing…

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