[Culture] Take me out to the black

As of 10/11, FireFlyFans.net is reporting that Serenity has only grossed $18m so far. That’s far short of the reported $80m need for a sequel. So this guy has the right idea:

Bits ‘n’ Pieces: Movie fan purchased 320 tickets to give out 

Who was he?

A man said he bought 320 tickets to "Serenity" and on Sept. 30 stood in front of Regal Cinema Cascade 16 theater and gave them away.

It could have been a crazy promotion by Universal Pictures. Or maybe he was just a crazed fan willing to drain his savings account for the love of a movie.


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  1. Its kinda like the rumor that Scientologists keep going out to buy multiple copies of Dianetics, so it stays on best-seller lists…

    Hm…cultists, sci-fi movies, dianetics…

    Pardon me..I have a Call of Cthulhu adventure to write…

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