[Culture] You can’t take the sky from me

Vividas uses a interesting technology which delivers full screen previews rather than the Quicktime or  Windows Media previews that we’re used to seeing for movies. The problem is that it suffers from a lack of quality because it is running full screen. They have to balance the size of the download against that quality, and in this case the quality suffers. I’d rather watch an in-browser Quicktime preview at a higher quality with a smaller screen. If I really wanted the full-screen experience, I’d just save the clip and full-screen the player. Someday it will get there, just not yet.

serenity.jpgHowever, while I might be bashing my expected quality, I certainly can’t bash their content. They’ve got a preview of the first 9 minutes of Serenity (via TheMovieBlog.com). I’ve seen the movie, but I figured the first 9 minutes could keep me happy until I saw it again. Maybe it can be used to tease those of you who haven’t gotten to the theater yet, and won’t this weekend either.

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