[Culture] Where am I?

I know that my cousin is a total Lost junky right now, watching all the episodes from the first season. Unfortunately, he’s bummed he missed last week’s premiere. Luckily…

ABC to repeat ‘Lost’ season premiere

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – ABC will postpone Wednesday’s scheduled premieres of 8-9 p.m. comedies "George Lopez" and "Freddie" for one week to make room for a rerun of the season premiere of "Lost," which will lead into the drama thriller’s second episode at 9 p.m.


Thanks to: reuters.com

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  1. Meanwhile-I will admit be starting to watch Season one on DVD because of Naveen Andrews-I’ve seen him in a number of Indain Movies and he is still a total hottie! And I can’t manage to get the last volume from my local Blockbuster-and now I can’t decide if I should work my last day at Ross or just be a no show since I want to go watch the first 2 episodes back to back at my parents house. See I would have been fine if you had not posted this-sigh-LOL

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