[Geek] Ah bugger it all…

So now that I’m scrolling through my blog with my nice new calendar type dates, I notice that it’s not working as expected.

The first problem happens on days with multiple posts. Only the latest entry displays properly, the others collapse the date and don’t display it all. Guess I gotta go back and figure out why that’s loused up. I’m sure it has to do with the css layout and the way it’s marking subsequent portions of the post. (\* Update \*: It had to do with the use of the WordPress function calling the date which only happens once per page. I changed to use the time, and formatted it that way, and fixed the problem. Though my kludge calls the time function 4 times, instead of 1, because the array wasn’t exploding properly. I’ll try to figure out why *that* is later.)

The other one is where I lead off with a blockquote instead of regular text. Because I tried to integrate the date into the heading without leaving too much extra space, I have it wrap the text of the post around it. Problem is when it encounters a blockquote which has it’s own rules on how to align itself, and WHAMMO, they overlay each other.

Option 1 is to switch back to the other layout while I fix it, so it looks nicer. Or Option 2 (which I am going with), is to leave it the way it is for now, and make the readers deal with it until it’s fixed…otherwise the entries which discuss it make no sense!.

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