Will it go boom?

Steve ([info]thomas_delbroc), I was thinking of you last month when I learned about Bre Pettis and his  DIY dream (I Make Things). dream. Your MacGyveresq exploits would put you and Bre in good company.


I meant to tell you about his upcoming show on the History Channel, but totally forgot about it. That is, until I realized that the premiere episode is tonight. So I figured I’d remind all my friends at the same time, in case this is something that they are interested in.


It airs tonight at 8PM.


Here’s what Bre has to say about his show, as well as a trailer for the series:


My TV show pilot called “History Hacker” airs this upcoming Friday at 8PM and Midnight on the History Channel. I’m the host of the show and I check out inventors in history and take a hands-on look at their inventions. I need your help to make the show go from a pilot to a real TV show.

The pilot is all about Nikola Tesla and the war of the currents between Tesla and Edison. In the show I learn how to blow a neon tube, explore wireless electricity and build an AC generator from a bike. I also go to Boston to visit an MIT space lab to see how the principles that Tesla pioneered are being applied to space propulsion.

The look of the show is awesome. The folks at History gave the producer, director, and director of photography permission to take my DIY style of making videos with lots of jump cuts and direct talking to the camera and push it forward into a longer format. It doesn’t look like anything else on TV.



Looks like its going to just be a pilot and then we’ll see if it makes it to a full show.


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