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Siobhan and I were talking at fencing last night about Great Big Sea and our music collections. She mentioned going to see them in concert, but I didn’t get the feeling that she meant *this show*:

Wednesday January 30 2008
Great Big Presale – Atlantic City, NJ

The GreatBigSea.com Store currently has a presale running for the boys’ Atlantic City, NJ show on March 14. Get your tickets before they’re gone!

That was posted to their news feed, but the link seemed to be unavailable when I followed it, so you’re own your own to find out more about the concert.


I suggested two other groups to her that she hadn’t heard of and were a bit more Celtic Rockish. They are Dust Rhinos and Barleyjuice, the latter being a local Philly group and a new-found favorite of our friends the Brooks’, based on my recommendation. Give them both a listen.


What started our conversation that night though, was that I told Siobhan I had come across a good resource for drinking songs and sea shanties. Thanks to Boing Boing, I found these two sites (check the BB link for additional resources)


http://www.drinkingsongs.net/ 1600-2000 (check the links on the left for additional books/manuscripts)



I was particularly drawn to the drinking songs site because of the copies of manuscripts, several of which are in the early 1600s.


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