Dancing Bears

Members of my fencing household, The Tadcaster Militia, affectionately call me Dancing Bear because of some of the (insert appropriate adjective here) way I sometimes defend myself when retreating. It’s an aggressive defensive porcupine method that I would never *ever* teach anyone else to do, as I’ve often got a leg in the air and the other one and my arms all octopus drunken monkey style. It can look very fluid from the outside, almost like I’m dancing.


In any case, I’m working on the last of the training videos and finishing the editing, and I thought I’d share a screen cap of Dancing Bear in action. Here, I’m fighting Griffith and blocking a strong horizontal cut. The picture doesn’t show the followup strike to him either.. mooohahahaha. You can definitely see his blade being blocked with a beautiful perpendicular dancing bear move.



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