Lost Love

I’m very upset right now. Last night, on my way to the Iron Bog business meeting, I realized that I was missing my bracelet. Jean gave it to me over 10 years ago on either our first/second valentines’ day. I think it was more likely the first, because she wasn’t even really aware of my metal allergy at that point, and had to return the first two she bought me because they kept turning my wrist green. Finally, she settled on a stainless steel one.


It looks very similar to a medical ID bracelet, but it has my initials on the outside and an inscription on the inside. It’s fallen off before, but I’ve always immediately known.


Last night it was gone, and I only realized when I started scratching my wrist in absentia.


Jean’s looking for it in the house, I’m looking for it in the car. It most likely got caught on the corner of my pocket when I was taking my keys/wallet/cell phone on/off.


*keeping my fingers crossed*


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