It’s not the printer’s fault

As long as we’re mocking end users in our office [info]thomas-delbroc, I felt it due time to post about an extraordinary adventure with a printer I had yesterday. A particular user, who’s been no end of trouble the last for days, called to tell me that her printer was sending out blank pages. She had gotten ‘some’ error message about the margins, but printed anyway. Now, the printer wouldn’t stop, even turning it off and back on, and she couldn’t delete the job from the printer.


I took a look at the Excel file in question. Somehow either every cell was set to be a page, or the margins were set to 10″ a side or some such nonsense (maybe I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say it got corrupted). In any case, it was printing:


Page 47 of 13,901


The printer was doing exactly what it was told to do.. print thirteen thousand pages.

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