Mulch to the Head

This is a going to be both a normal post and a test. As for test, I am looking at a new blog writing tool from Microsoft called ‘Windows Live Writer’. It’s currently in beta, but is part of Microsoft’s push for new web based services. If you aren’t using a blog writer to post to your blog and are still struggling with editing/writing posts directly through your blog interface, you should look into a dedicated application.


What’s interesting about this application is allows you to write using the CSS layout from your blog, so you get a bit of a preview on exactly how it’s going to look. You can turn that off and see a simple B&W editor, but the WYSIWYG interface is kinda cool. Granted, my WordPress layout is a little complicated, so it doesn’t look exactly the same — but I’m getting the colors and links and stuff.


It also supports plugins, so people will be able to extend it’s functionality in the future. The first one I added was my ‘Listening To’ detector, so that I can make sure I still get to use that.


I’m interested to see how well it works. I should add my LJ account directly and see how it interfaces there as well. I don’t post directly, I send items as drafts to my blog and then publish them from there. That’s so that I can get the LJ crossposter to work.


Ok, so now for the story ~~ about the mulch. So I’m coming home from work yesterday with 3 bags of mulch in the back of my car ([info]ownedbytwins). As I’m coming off the Deptford exit, some bitch decides that the rules of the road, and especially the big No Left Turn sign from the Wendy’s onto 41 doesn’t apply to her. She looks right, sees the lady in the turn lane and decides to go across two lanes of traffic and a double yellow line — right in front of me.


I have to slam on the breaks (doing about 50 now coming off of the exit merge) so hard that I stall the car. One of the bags of mulch flies from the back of my car hits me in the head and lands on the front passenger floor. Luckily only a small corner of the bag hit me. It weighed 30 or 40 pounds (wet mulch), and had it hit me directly would have done alot more damage. As it is, I had a headache most of the night.


I just sat there, stunned for about 15-20 seconds. Remember my friendly uvula? Well after the near miss, it was agitated again. I think I gulped really hard or had the wind knocked out of me for a sec or something. But I had that scratchy feeling and could feel it at the back of my throat.. Nice and red in the mirror too. Luckily it never got any worse, and settled in before going to bed.


Alrighty.. let’s see how this thing posts.. if it works well, I’ll let you know in the next entry, and may even possibly suggest it for others.


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