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There is only one gas station in National Park, NJ I mean, we’re a tiny little place, so it’s understandable. It’s not of those 24 hour mega-stations with a market or a restaurant attached. You have to plan to get gas during normal business hours, or you wind up heading out of your way to hit the Lukoil over by 295 which caters to the highway drivers.
So for the past few months, they’ve had this sign in front of the station. The owner is letting all the patrons know that the increasing gas prices aren’t just him trying to screw us. He’s having just as difficult a time trying to run a business. No one seems to buy anything other than Regular grade anymore, so he doesn’t even waste the time putting the prices up. That sign could just as easily have the first and third lines rewritten and cover alot of the folks throughout the entire petroleum industry that are having their way with us. How’s this one sound “To all citizens, we are being raped by our government and big oil”?

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  1. Frankly what’s the difference between your suggestion and the actual sign? Both are blaming some evil forces for the gas prices. In five years, the crude oil price has gone from $25/barrel to $65/barrel. I mean, this SHOULD have some impact on the gasoline prices..
    So what should your government do to lower the price? Bomb it’s way to democracy in Iran, Venezuela, Russia maby, to secure their ability to rob these countries of cheap oil?
    No, sorry, governments and “big oil” are in no way responsible for this. Natural limitations are. We are running out of cheap oil to pump and that’s what’s reflecting the price.
    But it’s always nice to blame the government or corporations, since that means there’s no underlying fundamental problem that cannot be fixed. Just protest some, sign some petitions and you’ll get your cheap gas and you can continue living the way you’d accustomed to.


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