Want to Win a Prize?

If you do, tell me what this says..

I’m asking.. because I have no idea. I wrote this on a sticky note this morning while I was on the phone, and obviously wrote it WAY too fast, because I have no clue WTF it says.

So far, I have…

“After ? ? in ,(?) clean(?)”

I’ve been starting it for 15 minutes. I put it down, I drank some Chai.. I came back.. no better than before… I’m throwing it out… whatever importance it holds is lost to the reality the rest of you live in… I’m sure I’ll figure it out when it bites me in the ass.

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4 Replies to “Want to Win a Prize?”

  1. Dude, all I see is ‘after wise stool jbury in ,clean cover’

    Don’t tell ’em where you are hiding the body, my friend.

  2. Now if I saw more of your handwriting I could probably tell you, but all I came up with is:

    Aftir wifo stir/ hlery in, clexn citere

    either driving directions or instructions on how to do something

  3. Straya, That’s get even less words in it that I recognize as English.. oooh… maybe it’s Martian….

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