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I realized that I haven’t been posting enough family photos. In the past, we’ve tried dumping out images to Sony Image Station and sharing them that way. Ultimately, we get really far behind and just have too many images to deal with. I’m thinking it might be better to post the best images of events, and catalog them and share them that way.

I’m working on installing the Coppermine Photo gallery for my site. I’ll use it for family images and to link through to my blog, but I’ll make it available to other family members too. Gotta work out the logistics of integration, users, the whole deal.

I’m also trying to work with a new javascript plugin called Highslide, that will help facilitate the viewing of those images within the blog. It allows me to show a thumbnail, and then click on it for a overlay. Ultimately, I read on some integration directly into the Coppermine albums, but for now, I think I have to do single images. I also need to do alot of work on the css for the Highslide plugin so that it has the right colors etc to match the blog. Let’s see if this works as expected with one of my favorites:

It takes extra work to get the final image and the thumbnail paths, but I figure if I get the integration down properly, it’ll be smoother in the future. For now, it’s a start… enjoy the images on a Friday afternoon as we’re getting ready to head to MA for the weekend to get even MORE wonderful kid pictures.

For now though, you can check out a batch of recent images that I’m getting this project started with at: Misc. 4 and 5 star images.

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