[Personal] Why My Friends are Cool

My friend Ryan called me on Monday and said he was at the Hamilton Mall and wanted to stop by, as he had something for me.

Turns out, that something was a battery pack for a Xbox 360 wireless controller.

The week before, we had been playing Rainbow 6: Vegas, and my batteries started running low. I only have one battery pack, so if I forget to take it off and charge it when I go to bed, I can find myself in situation where bullets are whizzing past my head, and just as I go to reload, I have no power.. and whammo..

So during the game, I’m trying to run through the house and find batteries that actually work (the 360 controller allows you to use regular AA as well). Put the first set in, start playing… 1 minute later… batteries dead.. ACK!!!.. so go and find another set.. finally get back on.

Ryan laughingly asks why I just don’t buy a second battery pack. I make a comment about the zombie grubs and not justifying spending money on a spare battery pack, even if it’s only 10/15 bucks. I just gotta remember to charge it!

So anyway, he went out of his way to pick me up an extra pack, so that when we played, I wouldn’t have any more battery issues.

What goes around comes around… over the past several years, before he had a full time job, Steve or I might pick up the occassional lunch bill for him. Never thought anything of it.. and I’m sure, that when picked up the battery pack, he wasn’t thinking, “Oh, I owe Duncan for that Moe’s lunch from April of 2005”. He just thought about being a nice guy.

Nice guys are cool. Nice cool guys are good to have as friends.

Women hug each other in these sorts of situations. I just gave him a hearty handshake and said ‘Thanks. I appreciate it.’ He knew the implied hug was there.

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