[Personal] Of course they don’t make sense..

When I post to my regular blog (http://chaos.greenhead.com) it cross-posts to my LJ account. I do it this way to keep a life-line out there to all my other friends who have LJ. The problem with the crossposting is that the text comes over, but not always the images, and *definately not* the embedded videos.

So my last two posts probably made absolutely no sense to anyone, because all you saw was my commentary and not the videos. You gotta read the entries at the real blog site to get the full post… THEN it will all make sense.

Wish I had a better way, but I don’t.

I only noticed it today after logging into LJ to add a few more friends.

I think from now on, I’ll put a {Video} ‘tag’ in the raw text so that at least it’s obvious. I’m not about to go back and redit all the LJ posts.. that defeats the purpose of automation.


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