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 I hate being sick. We had a last minute trip to Florida this past weekend for my uncle’s 40th birthday. He was very generous and offered to fly my family down for the weekend. The kids did remarkably well sitting on our laps. Sunday night I started having a sore throat. By Monday (the day we returned) it was getting pretty bad. Made the trip home very uncomfortable for me.

My guess is that I caught something on the way down. I’ve heard stories before about the recycled air in airplanes and how it’s pretty nasty stuff if other people are sick. Not only on that flight, but on previous ones. In any case, as the week went on it got worse. I finally had to stay home from work yesterday, and miss fencing practice last night, because I was so overwhlemed with sneezing and coughing. Wednesday night I went to bed at 9p and slept until 9a. I only woke up to go to the bathroom and to call out.

My doctor called in an antibiotic and cough syrup for me. It’s helping break things up a little bit. I finally get to go see him today. He probably won’t change how he’s treating this incident, but I haven’t seen him in almost two years, so it’s worth the visit.


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  1. Flying is nasty stuff–dehydrates you, and coops you up w/ strangers of dubious health for hours. We always take Airborne when we fly, as a preventative against plane crud.

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