[Gaming] Ooh… it’s shiny

Yoiked from Evil Avatar:

I’d just like to remind everyone that Mountain Dew’s Xbox 360 giveaway has officially begun. 360’s will be given away every 10 minutes from now until launch. Considering how many 360’s are being given out, everyone has a good chance of winning. You can sign up for the contest here.

When the XboX came out, I ate at Taco Bell everyday to sign up for their contest.. and I drank ALOT of Mountain Dew during that time. you know what? I won a free Xbox from a random drawing. Now you’re telling me I get a chance to win one by drinking Mountain Dew? **boggle** I’m all over that… blood pressure be damned.

By the way, the MD site is a bit of a rush.. maybe you shouldn’t read while whicle actually drinking Mountain Dew.

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  1. Allow me to say, as a participant in the previous “Gourging-ouselves-for-an-XBOX-a-thon”, to say *ahem*


    Stevo out!

  2. Aw, man, and I was doing such a good job at cutting back the caffeine. But the chance for a 360 is just too attractive…

    Doesn’t say if they’re giving away a core system or premium package; I’d imagine its just the core package, though.

  3. I don’t care what it is. Even if it’s just the core system, then it means I have to spend that much less to full thing.

    So Steve says, “BJs for lunch?”, meaning he wants to buy a case of MD and get lots of game pieces. I remind him we might get a case that *doesn’t* have game pieces in it. So we’re going to start small and stock up from Wawa and the grocery store, at least till we can be sure we get the right stuff..

    ooh… thought.. maybe we can order directly from the website.. *fumbles for his wallet*

  4. This could seriously cut down on how much of my “Holy Trinity part Deux” account I need to spend…unless of course I put $1,000 into Mountain Dew….

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