Even Jesus Was a Better Cleric

Alrighty. Before you  watch the the below video(s), I ask you to skip this entry if you take your Christianity seriously enough that you can’t appreciate a little humor. It’ll probably offend you as much as the previous statement did, so it’s better that you stop reading my entries altogether.. because I appreciate humor.


This is a funny animated video which has the nativity scene being visited by some LARPers. You’ll appreciate it if you are a gamer, or know any, or like to make fun of nerds, or are one, or ever uttered the phrase “We should’ve wandered around outside and leveled up!” etc…




After it was posted, there are the typical YouTube Responses. What’s funny is that several of them are email responses the designers received, animated as if they were replying. The replies are just as funny as the video. It makes you wonder if they are true responses, or just made up ones to make it even funnier.


Response #1

Response #2


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