Open them already!


Santa (Picture-Book) As Jean was thinking about our holidays and Christmas morning, I got to thinking about how I handled the morning.


The twins were up at 7:30am and started the day opening presents VERY SLOWLY! They liked to open one and then play with it, ignoring all the rest.


By the time they went down for their nap at 1:30p, only half of the gifts were opened. It was driving me nuts. I just wanted to tear them all open myself and say “See? Isn’t this a wonderful gift? Aren’t you glad you opened this one too!”


When they woke up, and after dinner they opened 2 more! That’s it! I want to tear my hair out… We’re going to be opening gifts all week.


I love their innocence and happiness. They didn’t need 4711 gifts. They aren’t consumed with the need to have more or the commercialism of the holidays. I’ve been too far corrupted for there to be any help for me, but maybe my kids will do better.


Their joy with opening a gift and just wanting to play with it above everything else is refreshing. I’m enjoying it (even if I’ve led you to believe otherwise).


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