Where’s my flying car?

I’m all about the tech recently, so here’s the latest show to catch my attention. Debuting last night on the Discovery Channel, is a new show called Prototype This.


The basic theme of Prototype This is that the four hosts, Terry Sandin, Zoz Brooks, Mike North, and Joe Grand take their combined skills and use each episode to conceive of and craft some entirely new design, product, or technology. The end result? A full season of prototypes that are off-the-wall, entirely practical, and everything in between.


If you have Discovery, great. If not, if you want to view some episodes on your own time, check out their website where you can watch videos and full episodes. They need to build up their Full Episode list, as right now it’s only Jon & Kate Plus 8, Prototype This and It’s Me or the Dog — but they have PT, which is obviously my point to this whole entry.


Alot of the clips will still keep you busy for hours though, as there are several exclusive clips for web viewers up there for all the Discovery, TLC and Animal Planet shows, including one of my favorites Dirty Jobs, which recently started its 5th season.


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