Don’t cry over it

Sometimes it takes a large event (such as the current oil crisis) to inspire innovation. Here’s one example. Did you know that because of the shape of gallon milk jugs (as iconic as they are), they are unable to be stacked, and hence the development of the milk crate?


Well, we can thank the price of gas and other environmental issues such as water conservation as driving forces in a redesign:


Sam’s Club redesigns milk jugs


The new containers also store 50 percent more milk per cubic foot than the old jugs. That means more milk on each truck – reducing delivery trips and fuel costs.

Sam’s used to take five milk-deliveries per week – now it’s down to two. They could only store 80 conventional-shaped gallons in their coolers. Now they can fit 224 of the new kind.


And, thankfully, that savings gets passed along to the tune of 10 to 20 cents gallon.


I’ll tell ya what, I’ve been seeing the cost of milk going up on par with gasoline for the last year, and changes like this which can save money are a welcome addition to any milk drinking family.


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